Mary Gauthier releases ‘Trouble & Love’ with Franklin Theatre show on the horizon

MaryGauthierbyJack-Spencer1Louisiana native and Nashville resident, Mary Gauthier is scheduled to perform at the Franklin Theatre on June 20 in support of her latest album Trouble & Love.

When it comes to Gauthier, listeners always have a constant in knowing there will be a showcase of strong songwriting and an ability to get to the heart of the subject matter like no other.

Trouble & Love, to be released on June 10, is no exception. Starting with 30 tracks originally, Gauthier whittled the number to eight for the album.

“I was just trying to get to the heart of what it was. I wrote some that weren’t as good as the others and some that strayed from the others,” Gauthier said about the selection process.

On Trouble & Love, Gauthier has surrounded herself among an A-list cast of musicians that includes Darrell Scott, Victor Krauss, Guthrie Trapp, The McCrary Sisters and Ashley Cleveland.

“My thing is to hire the best people that I can find and let them do their thing. My job is to pick the best players for the songs,” Gauthier added about the free range she gives them in the studio.

When speaking on studio time, Trouble & Love was recorded at Skaggs Place Studio in Nashville and was co-produced by Patrick Granado, while the songs were cut live to tape with the performers only having a brief rundown of the songs before recording.

One of the cuts, “Oh Soul,” is a slow, warm laid-back tune that features Scott on backup vocals.

“That’s a song about letting something become more important than integrity. Love, money or whatever it was, once you’ve sold your soul, you’ve sold your soul. The idea was to get into that and try to get it back,” Gauthier said.

Another standout track is “How You Learn to Live Alone,” a heartfelt song that conveys a message that many have often felt, but may not understand at times.

“It’s sort of an adult moment when you realize that love is wonderful as it is, but it’s not going to solve the problem,” Gauthier said.

“The character in that song learns how to be with themselves and romantic love has failed. With the language, I wanted to imply that it’s not the first time it has failed. There’s a sense of surrender, not to despair, but to a time of solitude.”

These songs, which paint an image of the human condition under different circumstances, in addition to many others, will make up the set list when Gauthier hits the stage at the Franklin Theatre with The Long Players.

“I wanted to do this as a treat to myself,” she said about her first time playing the Franklin Theatre and performing with The Long Players.

“I generally play solo, but when I got the Franklin show I wanted to have a band. They were available and I’m excited about it, Gauthier said.

“When I play solo, the stuff that happens in between the songs is as important as the songs. I have a conversation and it becomes a dialogue between the audience. With the band, you get a bigger and broader pallet of sounds,” Gauthier noted about the contrast between playing solo and with a group.

After the Franklin Theatre performance, Gauthier will take to the Grand Ole Opry stage the following night.

Tickets begin at $22 for the Franklin Theatre performance and the show begins at 8 p.m. For tickets, click here and for more information on Trouble & Love, visit

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