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Marc Ford broadens catalog with ‘Holy Ghost’

marcfordholyghostMarc Ford has returned to the music world with Holy Ghost, his latest record which features 12 tracks. The album was recently released through Naim Edge Records.

Known for his guitar work, Ford has expanded beyond that element and has put himself in contention with on of the finer albums to be released this year.

Playing on early, pivotal recordings of The Black Crowes such as Amorica, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion and Three Snakes and One Charm, Ford has also imparted his skills on works with Ben Harper and Gov’t Mule along with production credits for Ryan Bingham.

On Holy Ghost, Ford opens the album with “If I’d Waited” but finds a nice stride with “Dream # 26,” a slow-burning tune that is seamless from start to finish.

Other tracks of note include “Blue Sky” and “In You.” With the cut, “I’m Free,” Ford lays down some incomparable guitar work while other instrumentation on the album is explored via pedal steel, banjo and more.

“It’s hopeful, in a dark way sometimes. It’s a reflection of my life,” Ford said in a recent news release.

“There are a lot of factors involved when you’re in your early 20s and everything you’ve ever dreamed of happens. I got swept up in it, like many people do. There was just a point where I went ‘Wait a minute, you’ve reached the top of the mountain and the answers aren’t here, this isn’t really any kind of enlightenment I was looking for.’ Drugs and alcohol were a giant cover-up for a lack of self, and worth. So the only regrets I would have would be personal, wishing that I could have handled certain things better. But then again, I had to learn it.”

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Track List

  1. If I’d Waited
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Dancing Shoes
  4. Dream # 26
  5. In You
  6. I’m Free
  7. Just a Girl
  8. You Know What I Mean
  9. Turquoise Blue
  10. Sometimes
  11. Badge of Descension
  12. Call Me Faithful

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