Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro to release ‘Nashville Sessions’

Jake Shimabukuro is set to release Nashville Sessions on Sept. 23, 2016, and the album looks to be one of the most adventurous, multifaceted and engaging recordings yet. On Nashville Sessions, the gifted ukulele player has reached a new plateau with the instrument and has produced one of his boldest and most unique ukulele records to date.

“We approached the performance like a jazz trio record,” Shimabukuro said, “but with a more progressive rock sound.”

Shimabukuro recorded the album in Nashville, Tenn. this past January and had no idea what was going to happen during the process. Going into the recording with a freestyle approach, he joined Nashville session players, bassist Nolan Verner and drummer Evan Hutchings, who appear on the album.

“At first I was hesitant,” Shimabukuro admits. “‘We’re just going to go in and jam? Really? With nothing prepared?’ I never dreamed we would leave the studio six days later with a full album.” For more information, visit jakeshimabukuro.com.

Nashville Sessions Track List

  1. Hemiola Blues
  2. 6/8
  3. Man of Mud
  4. Galloping Seahorses
  5. Motown
  6. Celtic Tune
  7. Tritone (excerpt from Byron Yasui’s Ukulele Concerto, Campanella – First Movement)
  8. Blue Haiku
  9. Ballad
  10. F Minor

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