Hard Working Americans (Photo Stacie Huckeba)

Hard Working Americans ‘Rest in Chaos’

PageLines-HardWorkingAmericans-RestinChaos.jpgHard Working Americans released their second album, Rest in Chaos on May 13 via Melvin Records/Thirty Tigers.

The album was produced by Dave Schools and progresses into the second chapter of the group comprised of Todd Snider, Neal Casal, Chad Staehly, Duane Trucks, Jesse Aycock and Schools. Whereas their first album was full of cover songs, it gave you a grand introduction to the group and their style from the start. Rest in Chaos features 13 songs that border on foot-stomping, hard-charging rock ‘n’ roll to more soulful efforts. 

It’s difficult not to love this band and what they are accomplishing. In a previous interview with Todd Snider, he contrasted his relationship with Hard Working Americans as he said “this group for me reminds me of what I was told religion would be. I don’t get to play so I get to dance to my favorite band with the best seat in the house.”

With players behind him like those in this group, it has to be a good feeling each time you step in the studio or on stage.

Tracks of note on Rest in Chaos include “Dope is Dope,” “It Runs Together,” and “Ascending into Madness” to name a few. While all are of equal importance they all fit together in a seamless fashion.

Hard Working Americans shine with their live performance and that is their excellence as they showcase their rock and improv prowess. With Rest in Chaos, just turn it up and let it play. Like their live performance, it takes well when you give the album space and a little bit of time. 

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