Bear It No More provides mix of craftsmanship with cause


Clark and Christi Powers, Bear It No More

The daily lives of Rutherford County’s Clark and Christi Powers do not differ too much from that of the everyday person, but their cause is one that is full of meaning and dates back to their childhood and upbringing.

The owners of Bear It No More, a furniture company specializing in heirloom quality pieces, have a mission to help those who are deemed unhirable in society’s terms to get back on their feet in life.

Growing up in Lascassas, the two attended a small church while their families were close friends as well. After moving away for about 10 years, the couple reconnected when they moved back to Tennessee and will celebrate their one-year anniversary this month.


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Currently Clark works part time at a reclaimed lumberyard in Nashville while Christi is a banker for Regions, and the couple started Bear It No More last winter after recognizing their intentions from a higher calling.

“We both believe we were given a second shot at life and we are so grateful that we want to share that opportunity with others. Right now it seems that will come through a furniture company, but we would love to expand and be able to teach other skills as well,” Christi said about the company’s starting point.

The company name, Bear It No More, originates from the classic Horatio Spafford hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.”

The song’s words flow as follows.

“My sin, not in part but the whole, was nailed to the cross and I bear it no more, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my Soul.”

Bear It No More has a multi-layered foundation and aims to give those who are deemed unhirable access to employment, education, therapy and eventually a trade they will own for a lifetime.

With a year into the business, the company already has several success stories. Clark has always offered temporary employment to people who were willing to work with him on projects around his house. His experiences with some of those people are what sparked interest to lay down the cornerstone for the Bear It No More concept.

As for their process, there are several aspects of furniture making which the general public might not catch at first glance. When buying a piece of handcrafted furniture, there are many factors to consider when purchasing and it may be second nature to not think about the time and labor it took to make the piece.

“Finding the right lumber depends on the project. Reclaimed lumber is very popular right now,” Clark added.

With a modern approach, Clark tends to veer toward the sleek lines that come from milled trees when designing new pieces.

“Most of our material is locally sourced. We have a good lumber supplier who mills fallen and dead trees right here in Lascassas. We also use some reclaimed lumberyards in the area. This year, we were able to meet a 91-year-old farmer who had beautiful lumber from his family’s farm here in Middle Tennessee. We were able to purchase some beautiful wood from him too,” Clark added.

With their business just starting a year ago, Bear It No More does have their sights on future aspirations.

“We are working extremely hard to become a stable company before we hire anyone. We want to ensure we can offer consistency and stability with their employment. We also want to partner with groups who already offer education and training services. We hope to begin hiring next year,” Christi said.

“In the near future we are excited to have some of our furniture in the glass tower at Bridgestone Arena and in several other businesses around Nashville. You can also find our furniture in a new retail store in Nashville called Wilder opening in November. We would like to open retail shops in the future too.” she said

While all of these objectives would thrill the couple, their chief goal is to run a successful company that offers employment while providing beautiful, heirloom quality furniture to people around the world.

Bear It No More is located at 410 Lytle St. in Murfreesboro, Tenn. For more information, visit


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