Band of Horses ‘Why Are You OK?’

Band of Horses Why are You OKBand of Horses dropped their latest work this month and it is one that has the Band of Horses faithful greatly appreciating the album as it has been almost four years since their last studio release.

Why Are You Ok starts with a seven minute opener “Dull Times/The Moon” and has moments that will take the listener back to their earlier catalog with its sweeping arrangements and yearning for home.

The band released a few tracks prior to the album’s release that included “Casual Party,” “In A Drawer,” and “Whenever, Wherever.” While these songs gave a glimpse into the album, they no doubt set the tone for its overall feel but it is much more. Produced by Grandaddy’s Jason Lyle, standout tracks include the latter along with “Lying Under Oak,” and “Hag.”

Over the last few albums, Tyler Ramsey has made his way on to the track list with lead vocals and this one is no different as he lends voice to “Country Teen,” a nostalgic sounding, rocking tune.

There are several diverse sounds on this effort and the subject matter details life as an older adult for Ben Bridwell. Like many artists who grow older and develop a family life of their own, their songwriting and frame of reference can change as well. Bridwell’s way with words and delivery is more unconventional than many songwriters, but it is one of the hallmarks with the band.

It’s not Cease to Begin or Everything All The Time, but Why Are You Ok reminds everyone why they fell in love with Band of Horses ten years ago when they first heard “The Funeral.”

Why Are You OK Track List

  1. “Dull Times/The Moon”
  2. “Solemn Oath”
  3. “Hag”
  4. “Casual Party”
  5. “In a Drawer”
  6. “Hold on Gimme a Sec”
  7. “Lying Under Oak”
  8. “Throw My Mess”
  9. “Whatever, Wherever”
  10. “Country Teen”
  11. “Barrel House”
  12. “Even Still”
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