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The Avett Brothers ‘True Sadness’

True SadnessWithin their latest work, True Sadness, The Avett Brothers showcase one of their greatest traits – songs that play on the human condition in various ways. Whether it be divorce, fear, love or sadness, The Avett Brothers can relate to a topic so well that it immediately strikes a chord with the listener.

The album opens with their first single, “Ain’t No Man,” a stomping tune that shines with harmony, uplifting verse and soul. As Seth Avett described True Sadness in a letter earlier this year, it truly is a textured effort as each song makes up a greater part of the picture The Avett Brothers are painting.

Produced by Rick Rubin, True Sadness not only becomes one of their best sounding albums sonically, but also one of their most personal albums.

Songs like “Satan Pulls The Strings” and “You Are Mine” have a little more swagger and movement than the typical Avett composition, but they have an equal trade off with tracks like “Fisher Road to Hollywood” and “No Hard Feelings.” When The Avett Brothers break a song down to its simplest elements, that is where they shine and always will.

As the arena in which they perform has progressed over the years, so has their production and overall sound. But the change has been welcome and it is one that has shown growth among an ever-growing folk-pop catalog.

True Sadness Track List

  1. Ain’t No Man”
  2. “Mama I Don’t Believe”[24]
  3. “No Hard Feelings”
  4. “Smithsonian”
  5. “You Are Mine”
  6. “Satan Pulls the Strings”
  7. “True Sadness”
  8. “I Wish I Was”
  9. “Fisher Road to Hollywood”
  10. “Victims of Life”
  11. “Divorce Separation Blues”
  12. “May It Last”


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